Does God Accept Who We Are?

One of the mantras of our day and age is that God accepts who we are.  This is usually done to get people to stop addressing behaviors in which we might be engaged.  However, God does NOT accept who we are. Who we are is just plain not good enough because it’s a tainted version of humanity. We lost our authentic humanity when, in Adam, we ate a piece of fruit we were commanded not to. We’re now sinners. He accepts who His Son is, however. He, the man Jesus Christ, the Word (who is both with God and is God) who BECAME flesh, succeeded where we failed. In Him, and only in Him, we find acceptance with God. That’s the beauty of the Gospel. We have the promise of that authentic humanity restored in the hope (expectation) of the resurrection. In justification we have both the removal of our guilt from us and the application of Jesus’ righteousness to us.  We have a taste of that glorious hope of finally being freed from the very presence of sin in our sanctification. All of which is secured by that same Jesus in His life, death, and resurrection!!! I thank God for His grace freely given which was lavished upon us.


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