Well, we should say contributor.  This site is managed by the eldership of Grace Evangelical Church.  We have one resident elder at the moment.  Our other elder, Keith McFaul, is making the transition to planting churches in France and is dedicating his time to support raising and readying himself.  We’ll be adding guest contributors, as well, as the site ages.


Mark Bahr

Mark Bahr serves Grace Evangelical Church as an elder in the capacity of Teaching Pastor.  He is husband to Donna and they enjoy a happy marriage in which they seek to keep “Christ at the center.” He has a Masters Degree in New Testament from Criswell College and is a lover of the Greek New Testament. Previously, Mark served as a co-pastor of Good Shepherd Community Church in Dallas, TX for nearly 11 years. He has significant experience working with missionaries, in healthcare as a hospice chaplain, and has served as a Professor of New Testament and Greek at the Southern Bible Institute and College in Dallas. He enjoys watching the sunset with his wife, motorcycling, the outdoors, and is a voracious reader.  His prayer for his life and ministry is that he will be chained to the text of Scriptures that he may freely exalt Jesus Christ in all aspects of life.